93% PLUS 7%


The human being is a very complex biological system. In addition, it is a system of energy and information which is in constant exchange with each other and with the environment and many other systems.

The biological system of the human being consists of several parts that interacts with each other. Those parts are all organs, hands, legs, head, trunk and physical body. They determine the vitality of the human being.

To the biological system also belongs, the intelligence, which is, according to science the product of brain functioning. Human intelligence determines the quality of your life and the way you live it.

The energy of the body is represented by the addition of energy of all its parts including the vital organs. There is one more part, which is the human soul. The less studied and the most controversial.

Summarizing, as a result of all these systems’ interaction, in the human being arises emotions, desires, thoughts and purposes.

Most of the time modern man keeps all systems in a very chaotic and disorganized state. Believes one thing, want other, think a third one and says something totally separate from all the above.

The question is: ¿How are the systems tuned in order to achieve that their operation is optimal? As far as we know, all our systems including the brain, uses only 5% to 10% of their potential, the rest 90%-95%, remain asleep.

The principal director, who is the brain, is 93% water and 7% dry matter.

Let´s calculate, if a medium brain weighs 1.500 grams, of these 1.500 grams, 1.395 grams are water and only 105 grams are dry or solid matter, meaning that the command center of our lives and decisions is liquid.

It´s amazing, that we do not focus all the attention to this 93%.

The water in the toilet and the high quality drinking water our brain can receive is not the same water, although its chemical formula is equal H2O.

The biological system, which is the human body, is 75% water.

The communication of different parts of this system also depends entirely on the quality of the water that unites them and communicates them among.

The reality of life and interaction between different systems could be less sad, in case of education, attention and research of a product that has no smell, color, taste, but that determines the quality of operation of all systems and their optimal development in the time that is water.