Exploring the secrets of Drinking Water…

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Respected Readers:

We continue with our core issue, which is the DRINKING WATER and the new criteria for assessing its quality.

I will speak about Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese researcher who, despite being controversial in some aspects, his discoveries, shows to the world a new way of seeing Water.

In the year 1999 Dr. Masaru Emoto published the book “Messages of Water: The Hidden Beauty of Water”. In this book there are many microscopic photos of water and the reader can see that some water molecules have chaotic shapes and other very harmonic crystal molecular structures.

Meanwhile, if we see these molecular structures in three dimensions and not in two, we observe that the crystal-shaped water molecule looks like the flow of 6 petals, a figure that is called FLOWER OF LIFE – FLOR DE VIDA.

FLOR DE VIDA is the name given to a geometric figure composed of 19 circles of the same diameter and 36 circular arcs that forms a set of hexagonal shape, which is included in turn in a larger circle. The 19 small complete circles of the figure overlaps creating symmetrical radial patterns similar to flowers.

When we clean the water of the energetic and informatics contamination of which I spoke in previous article, the water in its molecular structure acquires forms of flowers with 6 petals; that is, that the resulting water is structured in FLOR DE VIDA; our Company has confirmation of this experiment with the microscopic photos captured in the water by Dr. Masaru Emoto.

The idea of obtaining the FLOR DE VIDA WATER, through complete decontamination, takes us to the fantastic world where the simple act of quenching thirst, becomes the joy of consciously taking the FLOR DE VIDA WATER.

Do not forget that our brain is 93% water which means that the internal environment of the brain is water. Now, imagine that every day we cleaned this interior environment of all kinds of contamination, energetic and informatics with the FLOR DE VIDA WATER, we are really sure of the benefits that our body and brain would have being free of this contamination. The process of decontamination of the body and the brain through means as FLOR DE VIDA WATER may be slower than others in which drugs are used, but it is definitely healthier and has no harmful consequences for the organism. This is a topic to be explored in the future.

Now as a conclusion to this little philosophical addition, we say that the fact that we are water in such high percentage means that all the functions of our organism, the superior and the most basic, depends totally on the quality of the water, we drink.

Now I will talk a little about how we achieve obtain the QUALITY OF THE FLOR DE VIDA WATER.

The years of research have shown me that, in order to decontaminate energetic and informatics about water, it has to comply with the highest internationally quality standards established for drinking water quality of control entities. It means that, not just any water can be raw material for the production of the FLOR DE VIDA WATER. The distilled water or the boiled water for example does not serve for this purpose, because its pH is 6 – 7 units. The pH is the: Coefficient that indicates the degree of acidity or alkalinity of an aqueous solution. “The neutral pH is 7, if the number is greater, the solution is alkaline and if it is smaller, it is acidic”.

The search for new criteria to assess the quality of drinking water shows us that existing standards are not enough.

The Water World does not open its secrets easily… To understand the message of Water, you have to know its language, help yourself with intuition and develop the culture of a conscious consumer.

In the next article I will talk about: The Human Being, as an Integral System.