I am sure about one fact…


What makes the hummingbird different from all other birds is it’s demand for the quality of water it takes, since it only takes the spray of some flowers, and its amazing capacity to fly in all directions. If we force this bird to take any kind of water, in some time it would lose its ability to multidirectional flight.

For the hummingbird, the spray of few flowers satisfies the short, medium and long-term needs. In the short term it fulfills the need to quench thirst, which is the main reason or perhaps the unique reason why human beings drink water. In the medium term, taking the dew accomplishes tasks related to the bird´s health in the present and future, and in the long term it covers more distant perspectives, such as the quality of life, its prolongation and its ability to fly in all directions.

For science, it is already clear that water participates in most of the life processes of the human organism and that a large part of the life of our bodies are closely related to water, but the relationship between quality of life and its duration with the quality of water we consume remains like a great mystery.

Water is life, and even though 93% of the brain and 75% of the human body is water, the relationship between quality of life health longevity and the quality of the water that we drink is still outside the attention of the science. We are looking for health in the chemistry of a piece of meat, the cucumber or the bread that we eat, without worrying about the water we drink. Only water consumption does not eliminate the importance of other factors that influence health, but widens the search for a better quality of life.

Currently, we use 5 to 7% of the capacity of our brain, which as mentioned above is composed of water in a 93%. If we improve the composition of water molecules, drinking excellent quality drinking water, we will greatly exceed this capacity for exploitation, and this is where the key is to access a more productive and naturally long-lived life.