The untold stories…

This article is the first among the series of others, dedicated to drinking water.

Every 40-50 years there are notable changes in our way of perceiving the world. It is changing our way of dressing, feeding, transporting, organizing housing, choosing the profession, along with education and specialized preparation, but our perception and evaluation of drinking water has not changed.

Transparent, pure, crystalline, fresh, without taste or smell, moist to the touch…

These characteristics have been the same for thousands of years, and were simply supplemented in the 19th century with some physical and bacteriological examinations, thus guaranteeing the supposed purity and healthiness of the water. Amazing, that this ignorance is perpetuated and crystallized on drinking water, which is one of the most important elements of life. The blindness made invisible that the criteria for assessing water quality are identical for highly educated and uneducated people, for men, women, children, regardless of age, nationally or race differences.

The science of today is using the same old methods of drinking water treatment, which are filtration, osmosis, boiling or freezing, sedimentation by rest. This fact means that in the valuation of water, an important element that occupies up to 93 percent of our brain, we are the same as thousands of years ago.

Or even worse, because the contamination of the planet with technological and industrial waste was not so high at this time, when nature still  produced pure waters in its sources, lakes and rivers, even springs with curative effects. The ignorance and our impotence in not being able to qualify drinking water integrally, even goes so far that the water that comes out of the tap, with the water from the toilet… is the same… if so, we cannot even think about making a difference between the water of the river and water from some sacred source, water from a lake and water from a glacier. All these waters in any scientific examination will come out as simply H2O.

Imperceptible reign of absolute ignorance about the quality of drinking water and ignorance about the importance of water for human health confirms a saving that when God wants to hide something, he leaves it directly before the eyes of everyone.

To be continued…                                                                              Dr. Li