What does good quality drinking water mean?


“Water is the soul of life” – Leonardo da Vinci

On the planet Earth there are more than 1.000 types of water, which are differentiated by its origin (rain water, river water), by geographical location, the quantity and the quality of soluble elements in it (with or without salt or other minerals), etc.

Until nowadays we thought that water is a chemical combination with formula H2O, but since 1932 science knew about the existence of heavy water and today more than 135 varieties of isotopes are recognized.

If water molecules were equidistant from each other, the physical and chemical characteristics of the water (such as boiling temperature, density) would have been different. Now it is known that the water is composed of molecular associations, a water molecule has 4 charging poles, 2 positive and 2 negative; in a single glass with water there are near than molecules. Now imagine the capacity and informatics power fits into a single glass with water…

The enormous informatics capacity contained in a glass with water tells us about the importance of water memory in the performance of a huge computer that is the human organism. One human being that has an average weight of 60 kilos and average has lived 70 years, in its whole life has drink 70 tons (70.000 liters) of drinking water; at the same time happens that the drunken water not only replaces the evacuated water, but also adapts to the different functions and needs of the human body. For example, the water that the eyeball needs is not the same water that the muscles need.

The human organism is an open system that self-regulates. Each human system is integrated with the biosphere of the planet Earth and at the same time serves as a receiver and sender of the cosmic energy of the pulsing waves. From this point of view, the assessment of drinking water only with physical, chemical and biological criteria does not correspond to the reality and needs of modern men and women.

Let’s make a quick observation of this situation. Let’s start with boiled water. It is shown through scientific experiments, that the chemical elements such as iron salts, nitrates and cadmium are not removed from the water by boiling, in addition chlorine and its derivatives at that time reacts with the organic elements, producing then carcinogenic trihalomethanes, which means that the fact of boiling turns it more dangerous.

The ecological situation of the water gets worse daily. The methods that are used for the cleaning of different bacteria and chemical elements do not provide their drinkability. Louis Pasteur, famous French microbiologist (1.822-1.895) said that “man is drinking 90% of its illness with the water”. The control in the water supply systems cannot be complete.

Distilled water is not suitable for daily consumption due to the complete absence of mineral salts in it. And the mineralized waters are not useful for this purpose due their high content of the same salts, these serve either as a prophylactic and therapeutic complement but in small quantities. Each mineral water has its own healing effects spectrum.

There is water mineralization weak with (2 grams per liter), with low mineralization (2 to 5 gr x lt), with medium mineralization (5 to 15 gr x lt) and salty water (35 to 150 gr x lt). It means that the mineralization degree of the water significantly limits the possibility of a daily consumption as drinking water.

The water of the underground sources and the water of the water births, each day depend more and more on the ecology of the planet Earth.

Today good quality drinking water is more likely to be bottled, although not all…

The International Bottled Water Association (IBWA) defines that: The water is considered bottled if it corresponds to the state hygienic standards for drinking water, if it is placed inside an hygienic container and if it is sold for human consumption. In addition, water cannot contain sweeteners or supplements of artificial origin. Flavors, extracts or essences of natural origin can be added to water in quantities not greater than 1% by weight, if the water contains more than 1% by weight of different supplements, it refers to non-alcoholic beverages and not to bottled water. Other names for bottled water are the following: mineralized water, well water, spring water, artesian well water, purified water, sparkling water. The quality of all these types of water varies from country to country and from factory to factory, depending on the technological process applied.

Today different homemade filters for water purification appeared.

Any filter has the cycle of purification very abbreviated and reduced. And the reduced cycle always sacrifices some parts of the entire cycle. This fact first demonstrate that all the water of the tap needs additional treatment and, second that the abbreviated treatment suffers from the technological imperfection. The house is still unfinished…

Glacial water is classified as distilled, poor in electrolytes and therefore cannot replace drinking water. Doctors’ advices drink it for determined time and doses.

Have to drink good quality water. Scientists believe that human health depends by 70% on the quality of the water we drink. How to get water like that? The best opportunity today is to drink bottled water if you are lucky…

How should be the bottled water? The level of modern knowledge requires increasing the value of drinking water, using not only chemical, biological and physical criteria but also criteria such as purity of information and energetic value. Informatics contamination of water impoverishes all the information contained in it and negatively affects our organism work; the energetic value of drinking water improves or worsens the vital force of the open system which is the human being, thus helping to integrate the cosmic system and also the planet Earth.