Unknown contamination…


Readers and consumers.

I offer my sincere apologies for the late appearance of this article.

The main objective of our attention today, is the Drinking Water.

We, the majority of the population, are UNCONSCIOUS consumers of Drinking Water. Now I will explain why I am using the word UNCONSCIOUS.

I recently saw a shortly video where it shows a 2 year old boy bringing his dad a glass, full  glass of water, and the dad takes it very happily until he realizes that the child fills the glass with toilet water.

The video confirmed me that we do not have criteria to determine the quality of the water we drink. Therefore, in this article I will show not only the very raw reality, but also I will begin to create a new perception and awareness of Drinking Water.

All humanity is in a constant search. In this search there are two ways to select the information. The first one is a negative selection, like: it is not like that. The second is positive: that´s right, which is how it is. The first is imitation and the second has to do with the creation of something new. In the first one you have to imitate copy and repeat. In the second one, you have to be creative.

Now, I will describe an experiment that will help us create more awareness about the “Quality of the Water we Take”.

We place two rows of glasses, freshly filled with Pure Drinking Water, all the glasses and utensils of this experiment are new articles, without previous use, and in addition, very well washed.

The first row of glasses will represent energetic contamination and the second row will be informatics contamination.

Let´s start with the first row; to the first glass with Pure Drinking Water we will place a teaspoon, to the second glass some very sharp knives, to the third a shoehorn, to the next a comb; the row can be endless. All elements have direct contact with the Drinking Water and although all are clean, not all people will drink water from the glass into which the knives, the comb or the shoehorn were introduced. In this case I am demonstrating the energetic contamination of water by the mutual contact of several elements, without modifying the physical-chemical structure of water. By the way, energetic exchange is one of the principles of homeopathy.

In the second row of Pure Drinking Water glasses we will use test tubes properly covered each with: sugar, cigarette, poison in granulated form and liquid poison to kill rats; this row can also be endless, the tubes are introduced into each of the vessels and although the poison inside the test tubes does not have direct contact with the water, I think that many of the people who saw this tube enter the Drinking Water, will NOT drink water from this glass, or from any other…

When we remove all the test tubes from the water glasses, no one, no person neither laboratory can define what element, sugar, cigarette, poison nor in which glass had contact with the water. But of course, the water had contact with one of the elements and has information about it.  Now water has informatics contamination.

When we drink our glass of water, we really do not know how safe it is, what kind of energetic or informatics contamination it has although it looks clean and is odorless.

We are defenseless against these destructive factors for the optimal functioning of our body.

“We live in an increasingly virtual world, but our HEALTH is not virtual”.

In the next article I will talk more about the creation of positive criteria to evaluate the quality of Drinking Water.

Of course, we must take into account that energetic and informatics contamination in life does not exist separately, it is a polluting combination of many contaminating factors of energy and multiple contaminant information in each glass with water which we take.